Start Your Own Laundry Care Business From Home

Posted on June 12, 2015 by Lyndsee Campbell

Start your own home-based laundry service


Laundry service is in high demand.  Busy professionals and families rate laundry as their least favorite chore consistently, year after year.   Many people have realized that all the time, energy, and even money saved using a reliable laundry service, far outweighs the small expense.  Laundry Care, a national network of laundry providers, serves as an answer to their call.

If you are one who doesn’t mind, or even actually enjoys doing laundry, Laundry Care provides an avenue for earning extra income while working from home.   I recently spoke with Danielle Balog, founder of Laundry Care to learn more and see how their whole operation works.

How Laundry Care Works

Laundry Care is a worthwhile business opportunity for people looking to earn some extra cash doing laundry.  The company partners with entrepreneurial people to provide laundry service to local residential and commercial clients. Danielle founded Laundry Care as an alternative to the limited work-from-home opportunities available at the time.   “As a SAHM myself, I struggled to find a way to earn extra income without sacrificing time with my family. Laundry Care began as the triumph of my personal journey to make a positive impact on my community while fulfilling my role as a wife and mother. I wasn’t willing to give that up,” Danielle noted.

“I didn’t realize how common that struggle was.  It wasn’t long before other moms, parents, and more began contacting me wondering how they could start their own laundry service.  That’s when Laundry Care went from a small business to a company.  Now, I have a team of talented people helping bring Laundry Care to cities across the US!  It’s very gratifying to help these independent Providers from coast to coast reach their income goals!” She continued.

The Laundry Care team works hard to make the upstart process super easy and affordable for their local Providers, and they offer continued support to help each branch flourish.  Danielle, herself stays very involved at every level, in every location, and puts an emphasis on maintaining the family-like relationship between the company and the local Providers–and even between the Providers themselves. Danielle adds,  “We have a private forum for sharing announcements and distributing new marketing materials such as digital ads and print & post flyers.  All of our current Providers are quite active on the forum, sharing ideas, asking questions, commenting, etc. Since working from home can sometimes be isolating, it’s important to us, to me, to keep that connection strong. Just last week our Provider in the Vancouver, Washington area was chatting and sharing tips with another Provider in the the Dallas area! We really want to foster that type of bond that transcends the miles.  It’s part of who we are.”

Laundry Care Providers are expected to:

  • Schedule new clients based loosely on client’s preferred day/ time
  • Pick-up laundry at client’s location within scheduled timeframe
  • Wash, dry, fold/hang and package laundry according to client’s laundry preferences
  • Return clean laundry within 48 hrs
  • Additional services include occasional ironing and dry cleaning courier service by request.  Each extra service need in compensated accordingly.

Why This Is The Perfect Gig For You?

If you’re looking for a job that offers flexibility and fulfillment, then working for Laundry Care as a Laundry Provider is the perfect job for you. There are many benefits to taking this job:

  • Laundry Care shares the workload.  They handle new client sign-ups, billing, create fresh advertisements and more.  You essentially pick-up, process and drop off laundry.
  • The job is very flexible.  You choose your hours, service area/range and are able to accept or not accept each client as they sign-up for service.
  • The job offers great compensation. You have the potential to earn as much as you’d like depending on the time you are willing to dedicate to your business. On average, providers earn $120-$300 in 10-15 hours.
  • You’re your own boss. You choose how you want to work and when you want to work. You run it like your own business. You therefore have the freedom to make of it what you want. This is a unique opportunity for those who’d like to work from home.

What Is Required?

To get started, you’ll need to purchase a start-up supplies.  The package is just $95 and includes Laundry Care brand nylon laundry bags, special processing bags, bag tags, garment covers, 250 business cards, 50 rack cards, 50 brochures, a provider guide and customized location webpage(s). These supplies are purchased bulk by the company and included in the supplies package at their cost.  Laundry Care does not profit from this purchase.

Once you sign on, the company’s marketing team create custom advertisements for your branch and begins optimizing your local webpage(s) for top search rankings.  You also get immediate access to their marketing library with digital ads and downloadable flyers.

There are no ongoing costs required and most supplies can be replenished by request.  You will need to purchase detergent, softener, etc. as needed. They also encourage providers to purchase a roll of garment bags (approx $40 for 450/ 8-12 month supply) and hangers (approx $30 for 500) directly from their supplier as needed.

How Do You Get Paid…and How Much?

Laundry Care Providers are paid a flat rate of $20 per regular bag and $40 per x-large bag.  There is also extra compensation for additional services such as rush orders (24 hr service), ironing and dry cleaning courier service.

On average, providers earn $120-$300 weekly.  This information is based on 7-12 clients and can be achieved with a small 10-15 hr commitment.  Laundry Care’s top earners make $500-$700 per week with a larger commitment of 15-35 hours weekly.

Providers are paid weekly via direct deposit.


Visit Laundry Care’s official Providers site for more details –

Learn more about the company at their consumer web site – www.LaundryCare.BIZ