How much does it cost?
For standard, wash & fold service we charge a flat rate per bag. As much as you can fill! Included with the bag price are items needing special care; hand-wash, air-dry, stain treatment. We'll also hang and fold according to your preferences. Ironing is a separate fee of $3 per garment. Items that are not clothing (tablecloths, cleaning rags, etc.) are priced based on the quantity and other processing requirements. Contact our Sales Team for specialty pricing.
How do I get started?
Setting up laundry service is easy! Create your account on our website and place your first order!
How do I pay?
Laundry Care uses a convenient, cashless payment system. Your payment information is stored on our secure server. When your laundry is dropped off, your credit card is charged for the amount of bags given and additional services requested (ironing * dry cleaning courier * rush * etc.). We accept Visa * Amex * Discover * Master Card.
Can you clean my comforter?
Yes! We're able to wet-wash comforters of all sizes.
How do I schedule a pick up?
You can schedule a pick up by creating an order via your account dashboard when signed into our site. #1) Sign in to your Account, #2) Click "Request a Pickup", #3) Create an order and select a day and time for pickup and delivery.
I have allergies, do you use allergen free products?
Be sure to inform your Laundry Care Provider of any allergies to laundering and cleaning products you have. We always offer a hypo-allergenic option free of charge!
Can I get my garments ironed?
Yes! The cost for ironing is $3 per garment. Simply tell your Provider which item(s) need ironed and your starch preference. We’ll press/steam according to your specifications.
Are my clothes washed with other people's clothes?
Absolutely not! Each bag is processed by itself. We will never clean your clothes with another customer’s clothing.
What if I'm missing an item of clothing from my returned order?
Although not required, you can complete an inventory sheet prior to pick-up that details all items found within your bag. You will keep the original sheet and we will keep a copy. Please notify Home Office of any missing items listed on the inventory sheet within 48 hours of drop off. If your item is not located after further investigation, we will reimburse you an amount equal to your proof of purchase amount, limited to a maximum of $100.00USD and a maximum total of $200.00USD per customer.
What forms of payment do you take?
We accept all major credit cards (visa, mastercard, american express, discover). We do not accept cash or checks at this time.
What should I put my clothing in for the initial pick up?
For your first pick-up, items can be placed in 13 gallon, kitchen trash bags. We'll include a Laundry Care nylon bag with your returned laundry to use for all pick-ups that follow (if applicable). Please indicate all items that require any special processing (i.e. gentle wash cycle * air dry * hand wash * stain treatment * etc.)
Is there a charge for the laundry bag?
Recurring clients are provided with a reusable nylon Laundry Care bag at a charge of $3.92/bag. This charge will appear on your initial service invoice or at any time you request a new/replacement bag Note: This fee only applies to accounts with as-needed or recurring frequency and does NOT apply to one-time service clients. If you are needing service only one or two times you will place your items in 13 gallon sized trash bags.