Residential Laundry Service

    We Make Laundry Day Simple

    Wash, Fold, Deliver. Exactly what you need, precisely what we offer. Laundry Care wash and fold laundry service brings professional washing, precision folding, and prompt delivery to your doorstep.

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    Select a day and time any day of the week for your laundry pickup. 2-day and next day service are available.

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    Set your bags of dirty laundry out on the porch before your pickup time and we will pick them up right on schedule.

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    You can relax and take a load off! We'll deliver your laundry expertly cleaned and folded right to your door!

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    Residential Laundry Services We Offer

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    Wash and Fold

    Wash & fold includes your personal laundry such as clothing, towels, sheets at a flat rate per bag.

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    Household Items

    We can wash your other household items such as large blankets, comforters and pillows.

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    We're happy to iron
    your shirts, slacks and other items starting at $3 per garment.

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    Create an account, schedule a pickup and take laundry off your list today!

    Why Choose Laundry Care Service?

    Simplify laundry day with Laundry Care! We offer expert washing, folding, and delivery, focused on getting your clothes clean, neatly folded, and back to you fast.

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    Order Laundry by App

    Get your laundry done at a tap of a button. Just download the app to track your order progress from pickup to delivery.

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    Laundry On Your Schedule

    We offer flexible scheduling options every day of the week. You can set your laundry service pickups and deliveries to occur weekly, biweekly, or as needed.

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    Flat Rate per Bag

    Service is priced at a flat-rate per bag for standard wash and fold laundry. Simply fill your bags and we’ll take care of the rest.


    Expert Clothes Cleaning

    Your satisfaction is our number one priority. Our laundry experts will make sure all of your items receive the best care and attention to detail.

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    More About Our Residential Laundry Services

    For our popular wash & fold laundry service (fluff & fold service), we charge a flat rate per 13 gallon-sized bag (a tall kitchen trash bag). Our flat rate per bag includes several special processing options such as hand-wash, air-dry, stain treatment and/ or delicate washing, plus free laundry pickup and free laundry delivery.

    View a complete list of our prices here.

    We clean all washable clothing and garments (shirts, pants, dresses, socks, etc.), as well as household items such as blankets, pillows, sheets, towels.


    If you’re a business we offer commercial laundry service, too! Contact us for commercial laundry pricing. Click here for a free quote.

    To see if residential laundry service is available in your specific location, enter your address in the address-checker box at the top of this page.

    Absolutely! Delicate wash, hand washing, air drying, and stain treatment are included with our standard wash and fold laundry service. You can also specify other laundry preferences such as cold wash, gentle cycle, low heat drying, hypoallergenic processing and more. Our laundry pros will make sure your laundry receives the best possible care and attention.


    Just let us know your laundry preferences in your Laundry Care profile and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs!

    Our standard turnaround is 48 hours. Next-day laundry delivery is also available upon request for a small fee.

    Our wash and fold service is charged a flat rate per 13-gallon bag, which is the same size as a kitchen trash bag (non-stretch). Each bag holds about 3 loads.


    If your laundry is bagged in Laundry Care branded bags or 13-gallon kitchen trash bags at pickup, that is the number of bags you’ll be charged for. You can see the number of bags invoiced on your receipt.


    For the most accurate bag count, please use Laundry Care branded reusable bags available to purchase for $6 each.


    *Laundry sent in any container other than Laundry Care branded reusable bags or 13-gallon non-stretch trash bag may be remeasured accordingly.

    Laundry Care uses a convenient, cashless payment system. Your payment information is stored on our secure server. When your laundry is dropped off, your credit card is charged for the amount of bags given and additional services requested (ironing * rush * etc.). We accept

    • Visa
    • Amex
    • Discover
    • Master Card.

    Payments are processed via our secure processor prior to your laundry delivery.

    When you create a laundry order you can select the option to purchase our reusable bags. Our reusable bags are made of nylon and are very durable. The cost is $6 each.

    Setting up your laundry services  is easy as 1-2-3! Create your account on our website, select a laundry pickup time and place your first laundry order online or via our Laundry Care app!

    You do not have to be present during your laundry pickup or laundry delivery. Bags can be left outside your home in a secure place like your front porch or garage.

    If you miss your pick-up or drop off timeframe, a missed pick-up or missed drop off fee may be assessed. Avoid these additional fees by notifying and rescheduling your pick-up/ drop off at least 3 hours before your scheduled time. Please note: if you’ve pre-paid for service, you will not be refunded for missed pick-ups.

    We ask that you ensure all items have been removed from your pockets prior to pick-up. In the event that we do find items in your pockets, we’ll return them inside a sealed bag along with your laundry.

    Be sure to inform your Laundry Care Provider of any allergies to laundering and cleaning products you have. We always offer a hypo-allergenic option free of charge!

    Yes! The cost for ironing is $3 per garment. Simply tell your Provider which item(s) need ironed and your starch preference. We’ll press/steam according to your specifications.

    Absolutely not! Each bag is processed by itself. We will never clean your clothes with another customer’s clothing.

    We accept all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover). We do not accept cash or checks at this time.

    Our Clients Love Laundry Care

    Tammy K.


    She’s great! I trust her to do a great job every time. She really helps me out by doing my laundry.

    Brandon C.


    Best care provider we’ve had yet!

    Barbara F.


    Thanks for the help. I appreciate the service!

    Jasmine S.


    Thank you so much Natalie!!! Clothes came out great and I appreciate the way you sorted them. Made it really easy to put everything away.

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    Great as always, I couldn’t be happier!

    Mary K.


    Excellent service!

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    Great all around

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    Kori did an amazing job communicating and delivering!