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Woman's feet hanging off the bed underneath a duvet and a clean topsheet

4 months ago

Is a Top Sheet Really Necessary? Let’s Unfold the Truth

As Laundry Care, we’re proud to be your go-to laundry service, dedicated to helping you “take a load off”. Today, let’s dive into a hot topic that often sparks debates in our customer conversations – the necessity of a top sheet. The Case for the Top Sheet: An Extra Layer of Comfort Proponents of the […]

Hand putting fabric softener sheet into dryer machine

1 year ago

What’s the Difference Between Dryer Sheets and Fabric Softener?

When it comes to ensuring that our clothes are soft, wrinkle-free, and smelling fresh, many of us often turn to either dryer sheets or fabric softeners. But while both can be key players in the laundry game, there are distinct differences between the two. As someone who’s been knee-deep in the laundry service industry for […]

Woman holding a pink purse

1 year ago

How to Clean Your Purse or Handbag

In the life of a purse, it’s easy for chaos to take hold. My own was a prime example, stuffed with the likes of ChapStick, tissues, McDonald’s toys, mints, random coins, and crumpled receipts. The daily hunt for my keys turned into a time-consuming expedition. Determined for a change, I set out to declutter and […]

New clothing with tags still on

2 years ago

Yes…New Clothes Need to be Washed Before Wearing!

Racks of clothes are all overfilled with varieties of colors. You pick out a beautiful blouse that is just what you have been looking for and immediate excitement fills you. You purchase your blouse and wear it that very evening. The excitement from today’s retail therapy quickly fades though as you realize you forgot to […]

Woman standing in front of a large organized closet

2 years ago

How To Extend The Life Of Your Clothes

Is there anything worse than your favorite piece of clothing looking worn after only a few washes? It can be pretty frustrating–especially when it’s an expensive or sentimental item of clothing. But don’t lose hope! Fortunately, there are several ways to extend the lifespan of your clothes so you can enjoy them for as long […]

pink piggy bank filled with saved money

2 years ago

Frugal Laundry Tips During a Recession

Saving money in any household is a challenge...especially with rising costs. Save big with just a few small changes to your laundry routine!

woman hiding behind a full basket of laundry

2 years ago

101 Laundry Tips, Tricks and Hacks

When it comes to laundry, we know a thing or two. Here’s a list of 101 of our favorite tips, tricks and hacks to help!

3 bottles of laundry cleaning products with green tops

2 years ago

10 Best Laundry Detergents for Sensitive Skin

It's a challenge to choose products for sensitive skin. Read more to learn which laundry detergents are best to use.

Frowning woman taking out dirty laundry

3 years ago

Prepare for Laundry Day to Avoid Costly Mistakes

Want to make your clothes last r? Our experts share tips on how to prepare for laundry day and avoid ruining your favorite outfit.