Wash and Fold Laundry Done!

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Wash, Fold, Delivered. Exactly what you need, precisely what we offer.

Experience the convenience of Laundry Care’s exceptional wash and fold laundry services. Our team of professional laundry doers ensure your clothes are expertly cleaned, perfectly folded, and promptly delivered to your door. We’re the laundry service nearest you…because we’re right at your front door!

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Schedule Your Laundry Pickup

Select a day and time any day of the week for your laundry pickup. 2-day and next day service are available.

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We Pickup Your Bagged Laundry

Set your bags of dirty laundry out on the porch before your pickup time and we will pick them up right on schedule.

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We Deliver Your Clean Laundry

You can relax and take a load off! We'll deliver your laundry expertly cleaned and folded right to your door!

Why Choose Laundry Care Service?

Enjoy hassle-free wash and fold laundry service that seamlessly integrates into your busy lifestyle, giving you more time for the things you love. Trust us to keep your wardrobe fresh and organized with our meticulous attention to detail and reliable service.

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Order and Schedule Your Laundry Pickups via App

Get your laundry done with a simple tap of a button. Just download the app to track your order progress from pickup to delivery.

Get Laundry Delivered on Your Schedule

We offer flexible scheduling options every day of the week. You can set your laundry service pickups and deliveries to occur weekly, biweekly, or as needed.

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Laundry Service with Transparent Pricing per Bag

Service is priced at a flat-rate per bag for standard wash and fold laundry service. Simply fill your bags and we’ll take care of the rest.

Expert Clothes Cleaning and Folding

Your satisfaction is our number one priority. Our laundry experts will make sure all of your items receive the best care and attention to detail.

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Get Your Laundry Done Today!

Create an account, schedule a pickup and take laundry off your list today!

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