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Woman putting clean laundry into drawers

1 year ago

Laundry Care Service Has Arrived in Richmond, VA

Hey Richmond…we want to take laundry off your list! Laundry Care is in Richmond, VA is giving local residents clean-break from laundry. If you’ve never experienced the convenience of wash and fold laundry service, you’re in for a treat. Life is Easier in Richmond, VA  Want to know how to get your wash and fold […]

Woman holding a pink purse

1 year ago

How to Clean Your Purse or Handbag

In the life of a purse, it’s easy for chaos to take hold. My own was a prime example, stuffed with the likes of ChapStick, tissues, McDonald’s toys, mints, random coins, and crumpled receipts. The daily hunt for my keys turned into a time-consuming expedition. Determined for a change, I set out to declutter and […]

Close up of hand holding cleaning cloth and wiping countertop down

1 year ago

6 Clever Uses for Old Sheets and Towels

Wondering how you can use those old worn out sheets and towels? If you’re like most people, your first instinct is to get rid of them. But wait, before you do that just because you have prospects of buying new ones. There are a ton ways in which you can find new uses for your […]

blue sweater on light gray countertop

1 year ago

How to Save A Shrunken Sweater

So you shrunk your favorite sweater…what are you going to do? Don’t worry, there’s hope for your cozy, winter friend. Supplies needed: Baby Shampoo (or gentle conditioner) Warm water Bucket (or bathtub) Clothes pins (or heavy objects) Patience Time to Unshrink Your Sweater Fill a bucket or your bathtub with WARM water. Not scorching hot […]

woman putting folded laundry away in her closet and drawers

2 years ago

How to Fold Laundry to Save Closet and Drawer Space

Do you just pile up your clothes and throw them in the drawer? Do you just find it more convenient to hang clothes than fold them? Does all of this frustrate you because now you can’t find anything to wear? Well, I am sure you must have answered all of those questions with a “YES” […]

Woman putting clean sheets on a bed with a pink Laundry Care bag in foreground

2 years ago

How to Automate Your Vacation Rental Cleaning

You’ve decided to become a VRBO or Airbnb host. It will bring in that added income! It’s going to be great! When you get your first guest booking and still have that sense of adventure and excitement for your new money-making venture. You clean and prepare as if a new baby is coming home. This […]

New clothing with tags still on

2 years ago

Yes…New Clothes Need to be Washed Before Wearing!

Racks of clothes are all overfilled with varieties of colors. You pick out a beautiful blouse that is just what you have been looking for and immediate excitement fills you. You purchase your blouse and wear it that very evening. The excitement from today’s retail therapy quickly fades though as you realize you forgot to […]

Neatly made bed in an AirBnb

2 years ago

Why Laundry Service is a MUST for your AirBnB

When AirBnB showed up a decade ago, technology prognosticators couldn’t tell if the startup was going to have much impact on the hospitality industry or even be sustainable over the long run. A decade after, and AirBnB has radically impacted the hospitality industry. Since its inception, the company has focused on alleviating the accommodation costs […]

woman unpacking clean laundry from Laundry Care bag

2 years ago

What To Look For in a Reliable Houston Area Laundry Service

Very few Houstonians enjoy doing laundry. Do you? It’s a thankless and time-consuming task, plus there’s always the risk of doing it wrong and damaging your clothing. Thankfully, there are laundry services in Houston exist to take on this chore and make life a little easier, right? However, there are so many laundry services out […]