Category: Stain Busters

happy girl pointing to the bright white shirt she is wearing

3 years ago

How To Brighten Dingy Whites

Are your white shirts, undies and linens getting dingy and grey. Here's how you can brighten those whites and make them look good as new!

clumsy woman staining her shirt with ketchup sauce

3 years ago

12 Most Common Summertime Stains

Summer doesn’t have to wreak havoc on your wardrobe. Here's how to treat summer's most common stains so you can have fun in the sun!

happy baby playing in basket of clean laundry

3 years ago

How to Treat Common Baby Laundry Stains

It's always amazing to see how such little bodies can create SO MUCH laundry. Here are the expert ways to make it easier!

Blue athletic shoes in washing machine

3 years ago

How to Clean Your Sneakers

Whether you need specialty shoes for specific sports, fashion-or run-of-the-mill basics they all need to be cleaned now and then.

child putting a bandage on a cut finger

4 years ago

How to Remove Blood Stains

Blood stains aren't a garment's death sentence. Use these expert tips to pre-treat and wash the stain away.

Woman hand putting sunscreen lotion on child face

4 years ago

How to Treat Avobenzone (Sunscreen) Stains

Have clothes with mysterious orange stains? There is one likely culprit that you might never suspect.