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Wash and Fold Laundry Service in Fort Wayne, IN

Laundry Care is the preferred laundry service in Fort Wayne, IN for those who want to streamline their laundry routine and free up their time. With our expert laundry services, transparent flat-rate pricing, free pickup and delivery, customized solutions, and commitment to convenience and reliability, we offer a laundry experience like no other. Say goodbye to the hassle of laundry day and hello to more time and freedom with Laundry Care. Schedule a pickup today and experience the difference of our exceptional laundry service in Fort Wayne, IN.

At Laundry Care, we pride ourselves on our team of skilled laundry experts. Our professionally trained staff is equipped to handle all types of laundry, from delicate fabrics to heavy loads. We understand that different garments and fabrics require different care, and our team is knowledgeable in handling any laundry specification you may have, including special washes, drying preferences, and more. You can trust us to provide the highest level of care for your clothes, ensuring they come out fresh, clean, and ready to wear.

How it Works



Select a day/time for your pickup & delivery from the available list. Standard delivery is 48 hours and next-day delivery is also available.


Place your dirty laundry in a trash bag or our reusable bag and set it out on your porch prior to the pickup time.


Relax and enjoy your extra free time. We'll deliver your laundry clean, fresh and folded at the selected day and time. It's that easy!

Wash & Fold Pricing

Wash & Fold
$35 per bag, delivered 2 days from pickup
$45.50 per bag, delivered 1 day from pickup

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Pickup & Delivery Service Areas:

Fort Wayne, IN

New Haven, IN

Lincolnshire, IN

Indian Village, IN

Meadowbrook, IN

Leo-Cedarville, IN

Milan Center, IN

Grabill, IN

Harlan, IN

Creastwood, IN

Five Points, IN

Have Questions?

We've got Answers:

For our popular wash & fold laundry service (fluff & fold service), the cost is $35 per 13 gallon-sized bag (a tall kitchen trash bag). Our flat rate per bag includes several special processing options such as hand-wash, air-dry, stain treatment and/ or delicate washing, plus free laundry pickup and free laundry delivery. Ironing service for shirts and slacks is available for a separate fee of $3 per garment. Cleaning larger or bulky household items such as comforters, large blankets and pillows is priced per item by size. View our pricing page for a list of all services and pricing https://www.laundrycare.biz/pricing/ (click "pricing" option on the menu at the top of this page) For business/ commercial laundry pricing or other inquiries, Please contact our Sales Team at sales@laundrycare.biz (click "commercial" option on the menu at the top of this page for more information or to submit quote request.)
Setting up laundry service in Fort Wayne, IN is easy! Create your account on our website, select a laundry pickup time and place your first laundry order online or via our Laundry Care app!
Absolutely! Delicate/hand washing, air drying, and stain treatment are included with our standard wash and fold laundry service. You can also specify other laundry preferences such as cold wash, gentle cycle, low heat drying, hypoallergenic processing and more. Our laundry pros will make sure your laundry receives the best possible care and attention. Just let us know your laundry preferences in your Laundry Care profile and we'll do our best to accommodate your needs!
Payments are processed via our secure processor prior to your laundry delivery.
You do not have to be present during your laundry pickup or laundry delivery. Bags can be left outside your home in a secure place like your front porch or garage.
We clean all washable clothing and garments (shirts, pants, dresses, socks, etc.), as well as household items such as blankets, pillows, sheets, towels. If you're a business we offer commercial laundry service, too! Contact us for commercial laundry pricing: 800-429-4332, info@laundrycare.biz
To see if laundry service is available in your specific location, enter your address in the address-checker box at the top of this page.
Our standard turnaround is 48 hours. Next-day laundry delivery is also available upon request for a small fee.
Our wash and fold service is charged a fixed rate per 13-gallon bag, which is the same size as a kitchen trash bag (non-stretch). Each bag holds about 3 loads. If your laundry is bagged in Laundry Care branded bags or 13-gallon kitchen trash bags at pickup, that is the number of bags you'll be charged for. You can see the number of bags invoiced on your receipt. For the most accurate bag count, please use Laundry Care branded reusable bags available to purchase for $6 each. *Laundry sent in any container other than Laundry Care branded reusable bags or 13-gallon non-stretch trash bag may be remeasured accordingly.
When you create a laundry order you can select the option to purchase our reusable bags. Our reusable bags are made of nylon and are very durable. The cost is $6 / bag.

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Convenience and reliability are our top priorities at Laundry Care. We understand that your time is valuable, and we strive to make your laundry experience as seamless and stress-free as possible. Our team is committed to providing top-notch service, from the moment you schedule a pickup to the moment we deliver your clean and folded laundry back to you. With our reliable and efficient laundry service, you can trust us to take care of your laundry needs, so you can focus on enjoying the beauty and lifestyle of Fort Wayne, IN. So what are you waiting for? Take a load off and schedule a pickup today!
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