Laundry: Yes, There's an App for That! - OK City

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Oklahoma City Laundry Service Near Me

Looking for a laundry solution in Oklahoma City? You’ve come to the right place! OK City Laundry Care is your local, laundry pickup and delivery service. We provide convenient, affordable wash and fold service for both residences and businesses alike. Your garments will be cleaned with the utmost care and attention, EXACTLY AS YOU LIKE.

Laundry Care Service in Oklahoma City

Laundry Care proudly offers laundry service Oklahoma City – helping locals with the dreaded chore of laundry.
Laundry Care is a nationwide laundry service that specializes in personalized service tailored to each client’s individual preferences. Service is available in many locations nationwide, each operated by local independent Laundry Care Providers.
“Oklahoma City needed a laundry solution that was both convenient and personalized. We bring both to table for our clients so there’s no need to compromise one for the other.”
“After receiving many requests for our service in Oklahoma City, we decided it was time to add this location. Now, Oklahomans can enjoy the convenience of a mobile laundry service with the personalized touch that only our Providers can give.”
“We’ve expanded our service across the US, helping thousands of people rid themselves of the time-consuming chore that is laundry. We’re excited to include Oklahoma City, OK in our list of servicing areas, the locals are great and the businesses are welcoming.“
Danielle Balog, founder of Laundry Care is thrilled to expand service into Oklahoma City. “As a company, It’s really important to provide a valuable service to the communities we serve. We’re thrilled to add Oklahoma City to the our family of locations!”

Take a Load Off…with Laundry Care Wash & Fold Service

Laundry Care makes doing the laundry easy as 1-2-3. Clients sign-up online and outline their specific laundry preferences. “We process your laundry exactly as you would-without you having to lift a finger. So, If you like certain items hand washed or other garment air dried, or if you prefer your laundry washed or dried on a certain cycle, we can do all that…and more!” Balog explained.
Laundry Care service covers nearly all of the Oklahoma City area including Moore, Norman, Valley Brook, Kingsbridge, South Oklahoma City, Central Oklahoma City, Paseo, Capitol Hill, Uptown Oklahoma City, Midwest City, Del City, Smith Village, Forest Park and more!

Use the Laundry Care Mobile App

Getting laundry done and off your to do list in Philadelphia is even easier than ordering a pizza from Dominos. Just download the app, sign in to schedule your next laundry pickup, view order history and even track your order progress from pickup to delivery.

How to Get Laundry Done in the OK City:

  1. SIGN-UP: Create an account on our website and download the Laundry Care mobile app available in the App Store and on Google Play.
  2. SCHEDULE: Select a day/time for your pickup & delivery from the available list.
  3. PICK-UP & DELIVERY: We’ll pick up your laundry on time and bring it back clean, fresh and folded.