Get the STINK Out of Smelly Workout Clothing

Group of people stretching at an exercise class
Workout clothes can get pretty stinky…And they’re usually not cheap. So it makes sense to be very careful with how to handle this type of clothing to keep them in good condition. Getting them clean in the washer is the ideal scenario to save time and energy. Follow these steps to keep your activewear clean and fresh without extra wear and tear.

Soak First

Distilled white vinegar kills bacteria and eliminates odor, which makes it a perfect. It makes sure it cuts off the fabric bond with body oil. It is a product that is cheap; its acidity levels are low which are capable of splitting bacteria from body oil. Use a ratio of 1:4 of white distilled vinegar and cold water in a tub or sink. Soak for about 30 minutes and proceed to wash as recommended on the care tag..

Wash it Quickly

Gym clothes should be washed after every workout. There would be an accumulation of dirt and pathogens when clothes full of sweat are dried and worn again. Dry the workout clothes before putting them or mixing them with other dirty clothes in the hamper. This is because damp clothes encourage blight to grow which may destroy your clothes, adding you the cost of buying a new pair of workout clothes. It is also important that you ensure you wash your workout bag regularly. These bags create a habitat for bacteria that lead to irritation on your skin.

Use an Effective Detergent

The way most detergents work is that one can use just a little of this to get desired results. This should not; therefore, mean that the more you use it will speed up the process of washing. This is highly uncalled for especially on your workout clothes.
High-performance activewear is made from microfibers which are moisture- wicking and quick-drying, a component that is great especially while exercising…but not so great when you’re trying to get them clean. The fabric performance-wear is made from will often repel water and attract petroleum-based detergents and fabric softeners-rendering the clothing less effective during sweat-inducing activities.
In short, follow the instructions on the detergent bottle for best results. More detergent will not make your clothing more clean. We recommend using detergents specially formulated to handle athletic wear and fitness clothing, such as Persil Laundry Detergent and Tide Sport. However, most detergents will get these items clean.


In case of yellowing under arms and accumulation of deodorant, use a soft brush to scrub the affected area by first dipping the brush into a detergent and scrubbing. You can then wash your clothes.
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Skip Fabric Softener

Fabric softener is a public enemy to your workout clothes. It coats fibers found on the clothes and gives it a silky touch. Once this happens, the item of clothing may require repeated washing, extra rinses or even a “product stripping” to get it back to normal.
It also damages the elastic fibers that allow workout clothes to stretch. The results, baggy and smelly workout clothes.
Instead, ½ cup of vinegar can be added to your final rinse to ensure that your clothes do not have residues from detergents that could leave them feeling stiff. This should be added to the fabric softener dispenser on your washer.

Choose the Right Temperature

You should always ensure that your fabrics are cleaned using cold or warm water. Getting the correct temperatures will help you get the job done well. Cotton shirts, towels, and white socks should, however, be washed in waters with high temperatures to get the best results out of your laundry.

Skip the Dryer

Your fabrics should be allowed to dry in the open. If you really need to use a dryer, turn it on to the lowest heat or you can even use air – only cycle. This is because heat can melt and shrink your clothes and you do not need that, right?
Important! Your sneakers, bags and mats need to be cleaned too; you should have this in mind when you are doing your laundry as they all go hand in hand to give you a good experience when you are working out.
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