How to Sort Your Laundry

couple sitting on bed sorting laundry to wash

How should I sort items?

The basic rule of sorting laundry is:
  • Whites
  • Darks
  • Lights
  • Brights (if applicable)
There ARE exceptions to this basic rule. It all depends on the colors, fabrics and types of the items you are washing. The goal is to give each item as much care as possible without wasting time or energy.

Use your Judgment

In general, you want to stay true to form as much as possible, keeping in mind to read the tags whenever you’re unsure. For example, you’ll note that not all whites can be washed with chlorine bleach.
If you have large amount to wash, it is better to take it a step further to prevent dye transfer. For example: sort a load of just red. You would only do this if there was enough red to make a load.
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How to avoid unnecessary loads:

Reduce the amount of loads by tossing a color catch sheet into a mixed load. Be sure to wash any mixed loads on COLD.
Do your best to keep consistent load sizes when possible. You want to have normal to large load sizes to maximize your time, energy and utility costs. Work smart! You don’t want to sort into six loads every time you do laundry or you will never finish. Sort into the four color categories and then reduce down if possible.
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