How to Read Clothing Care Tags

close up of a clothing care tag with laundry instructions
Ever toss something in the laundry, only to have it come out at the end of the cycle…well…not exactly how you expected? It’s happened to all of us: Something- usually a favorite item of clothing- shrinks, bleeds, rips, pills…or get otherwise ruined. While it may seem inevitable and completely out of your control, there are a few steps you can take to ensure your items come out of the washer in the same condition they went in. In fact, there’s a secret code map on every piece of clothing you own can help you wash your clothes perfectly, each and every time. Have you figured it out? It’s all on the tag!

Sort it Out!

Clothing care tags start by telling you what load to sort each item into. Should it be washed with whites, tossed in with colors or lumped together with the darks? No need to guess. Just check the tag!

Which Wash Would Work Well?

Wondering which wash cycle to turn the dial to? Fear not! The clothing care tag tells you which cycle and what temperature to select to get a perfect result every time. Conveniently, the tag will also give insight into your garment’s fabric content and warn what cycles, temperatures, and products to AVOID.

To dry or NOT to dry?

What about the best way to dry each item? Don’t worry! It’s right there on the tag, too. Check it to know whether drying the item flat, hanging it up or one of your dryer’s many cycles is recommended.
The tag also tells you about ironing settings to use and dry cleaning suggestions. Amazing, right!?

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