9 Creative Uses for an Empty Laundry Basket

smiling young boy sitting in a laundry basket
Have a few empty laundry baskets sitting around the house? Put those baskets to work! Here are 9 ingenious ideas to repurpose your laundry baskets that anyone can try.

DIY Pet Bed

If you have pets you know they love a cozy spot to lounge. First, decide which side will be the entrance for the bed. Then use an old pillow or cushion in the bottom of the laundry basket. Be sure to use a pillow case (and perhaps for extra measure a spill-proof zipper case) to protect the pillow from hair, slobber…and other potential pet messes. Finally, cover the pillow with blankets to cushion the basket and viola!…you have your pet bed.

Recycling Bins

An empty laundry basket makes a perfect make-shift recycling bin. All you need to do is find a place to put the basket and toss your recyclables right into the basket. If you separate your recyclable items, just place 2-3 reusable grocery shopping bags in the basket to sort the items as you go. This is especially helpful if you have to take your recyclables to a nearby recycling center. Just put the basket in the trunk of your vehicle and be on your way!

Easy Blanket Storage

If you love getting cozy and toasty with snuggly blankets while lounging on the sofa, this idea is perfect for you. Sometimes blankets end up staying on the couch and looking a bit messy when they’re not being used. A laundry basket in the living room can help corral the blankets during the day and ready to use in the evening.

Family Laundry Sorter

Making sure the clean clothes get to the right person’s dresser or closet can be a challenge. It’s no fun to walk back and forth between rooms multiple times. Instead, sort the items as you fold them by room or family member. You’ll need some name tags and a spot in your laundry room to store the baskets. Label the with each family member’s name. Then as you fold the laundry, place each item into their basket to make it easy to take to each family member’s room (for THEM to put away, LOL). When you’re done just stack the baskets back in the laundry room until the next laundry day.
Want to keep your laundry baskets permanently empty?

Wet Shoe Spot

Do you find yourself frustrated by wet shoes all over your entryway and mopping up the dirty mess they leave behind? Just place a laundry basket beside your garage or mudroom door to help contain the problem. This will cut down on mess and keep your shoes more organized.

Plant Protector

When a windy storm is in the forecast and you’re worried about damage to delicate plants, cover them with a laundry basket and weigh it down by placing a large stone or brick on top. This can also be done to help protect plants from cold when temperatures drop below freezing in the winter time.

Quick Cleanup

To help keep your house in order, tuck a laundry basket under your arm and walk through each room, throwing any errant items inside as you go. This makes returning each item to its rightful place quick and easy.

Drink Cooler

If you’re having a backyard get-together but can’t seem to find your cooler (or don’t have one large enough for the party size), your laundry basket can provide a perfect alternative. Line the basket with a heavy-duty trash bag and fill with ice. Then, toss your beverages in and you’re good to go! After the party, dump the ice, rinse it out, let it dry and it’s ready for regular use again.

Toddler Bath

Keep your toddler safe as he transitions from the baby bath to a larger tub. Just place a plastic laundry basket (the kind with holes or cutouts) in a full tub and put your little one inside. The water will flow into the basket and your child’s movement will be limited to prevent slips and falls, while bath toys will be close at hand. As a bonus, the basket is a perfect place to store wet bath toys when not in use.
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