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Laundry Care is your premiere laundry service provider for Nashville Tennessee. We take care of a tedious task in a fast, friendly, and affordable manner with a personal touch. Each one of our Laundry Care specialists will get to know you on a first name basis and ensure your laundry expectations are met and exceeded.
Our services include:

  • FREE front door laundry pick up & delivery
  • Items washed in high-quality laundry products
  • Garments neatly folded/hung
  • Fast, 48 hour turn around
  • Personal Laundry Associate to WASH * DRY * FOLD according to your preferences
  • Easy, FLAT RATE

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Laundry Care | Nashville TN | 800-429-4332

Meet Your Personal, Professional Nashville Tennesee Laundry Care Associate

Sam Bradley is your personal, professional Laundry Care service provider for the Nashville, Tennesee area. She has years of experience in laundry care and will personally get to know you on a first name basis. Click here for more details about our laundry services.

More Information About Us:
Branch: Nashville Laundry Care
Pickup/Delivery Days: Monday – Friday
Pickup/Delivery Times: 9am – 5pm
Turn-around: 48 hours, RUSH Delivery available upon request
Services: Wash & Fold, Dry Cleaning Courier, Linens/Towels/Rags/Uniforms
Prices: Flat Rate ~ $35 for Regular Bag & $65 for XLarge Bag
Favorite Laundry Tip: Don’t wait until the laundry grows to “mountain-sized”. Set-up a schedule and stay on-top of the loads!