Nashville Laundry Service

Laundry Care is your local laundry delivery service for Nashville. We take care of a tedious chore in a fast, friendly, and affordable manner with a personal touch. Each one of our Laundry Care specialists will get to know you on a first name basis and ensure your garments are cleaned YOUR WAY. We are your preferred Laundry Delivery Service! Our services include:

  • FREE front door laundry pick up & delivery
  • Items washed in high-quality laundry detergents/softeners
  • Clothes neatly folded/hung
  • Fast, 48 hour turn around
  • Personal Laundry Associate to WASH * DRY * FOLD according to your preferences
  • Easy, FLAT RATE

Laundry Free in 1-2-3

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Call To Schedule: 800-429-4332
Laundry Service Price

Lyndsee Onstott
Provider of Laundry Care LLC

Nashville Laundry Care Associate

More Information About Us:

  • Branch: Nashville Branch of Laundry Care LLC
  • New Customers: 800-429-4332
  • Pickup/Delivery Days: Monday - Friday
  • Turn-around: 48 Hrs. * Rush delivery available
  • Services: Residential Laundry * Commercial Laundry * Ironing * Dry Cleaning Courier * Rush Orders
  • Prices: $35 Regular Bag * $65 XLarge Bag * Call for Commericial * $10 Dry CL Courier * $10/$20 Rush Orders